Cleancor Energy Solutions LLC Announces Launch of Cleancor LNG LLC; Scott Johns Appointed President

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

July 7, 2014

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE−CLEANCOR Energy Solutions LLC (“CLEANCOR”) today announced that it has appointed Scott Johns as President of CLEANCOR LNG LLC (“CLEANCOR LNG”). CLEANCOR LNG’s mission is to help accelerate the migration of commercial, industrial, agricultural, and logistics enterprises from diesel to natural gas fuel through innovative power generation, engine and fuel system solutions, fuel supply and logistics management, and financing. CLEANCOR LNG will work with existing suppliers of LNG to increase distribution into new markets, and to co-invest in or finance new small scale liquefaction and LNG storage capacity as the market develops.

CLEANCOR CEO Jeff Woods said, “Scott Johns brings a distinctive track record of expertise in industry innovation, customer development, technical solutions for customers, and supply chain and operational management.”

“CLEANCOR LNG will be a key partner for customers who embrace LNG as an alternative fuel, and I’m excited to be leading that effort,” Johns said. Johns will be based in CLEANCOR’s Houston office.


CLEANCOR Energy Solutions LLC is an energy merchant bank focused on financing, investing in, and building businesses that provide solutions or otherwise enable the migration of transportation, logistics, and industry from legacy petroleum-based fuels to smart, cleaner alternative energy sources. It was established in 2013 as a joint venture of SEACOR Holdings Inc. and Balfour Investors Inc.

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