Distressed Investing

Balfour Partners is a private equity firm primarily focused on distressed small to middle market companies. Balfour Partners predominately seeks control by acquiring companies through their discounted debt securities. The firm’s principals take an activist role in working collaboratively with management in restructuring the company through either using the bankruptcy process and out of court settlements. In order to maximize enterprise value the principals advise and execute on strategic operational turnarounds, effectuate proper capitalization upon exit, and see investments through to fruition.

Over the past 35 years the firm’s principals have successfully invested in over 75 transactions across a broad range of industries. Acting as lead investors, Balfour Partners’ disciplined methodology has been able to successfully generate an unlevered 30% IRR for their co-investors throughout a multitude of economic cycles.

Balfour Partners is looking to identify once fundamentally sound companies with normalized EBITDA up to $150 million that are experiencing operational or financial distress as a result of overleveraging, poor strategic decisions, or cyclical and secular downturns. We also stress continuity of management. Balfour Partners’ historically high success ratio is due in large part to its emphasis on preservation of capital.

Balfour Partners’ equity capital is provided through a worldwide network of institutional and private investors. Some of whom have invested with Balfour for over 30 years.

Decades of experience has earned Balfour Partners an unparalleled network of deal sourcing capabilities.